How To Secure Your Online Gaming Account And Prevent It From Getting Hacked

The Internet is a great place to interact play games and research, but at the same time, it is also a place people are always in the opportunity to hack and steal money from you. Mega888 is an online platform to play online casino games and try your luck. If you are worried about using these websites for playing online casino games then it's better you read this article where you can know how you can play safely on the internet.

Online casino games are fun and the easiest way to experience the casino in your home. You just need to have the right knowledge about this issue which everyone doesn’t have and accordingly use that knowledge to protect you from possible online threats.

What are the different online threats which you can face?


Phishing is a big threat to online gamers as well as big companies. It is one of the most common ways to fool people on the internet and stole their precious data. In this, the hacker will act as they are the respected authority and will ask you to fill in details that will later be used against you. They can create a fake website or send you fake emails and ask you details about you. Thus be aware as they will give you false promises of bonuses and money and accordingly will lure for information they want.

What you should do in such cases?

Don’t give information to anyone so easily, you should first confirm properly that whether it’s from a trusted source then only share your personal information with them. Most of the types of scams are through emails and if you got any such email you should never rely too soon upon as these can be a hacker who is trying to get your information. Anything suspicious should always be ignored and good knowledge is the only solution for you to remain safe.



Malware is basically software that is meant to harm your computer or mobile. Some examples of malware are viruses, worms, and Trojans you should be aware and beware of this harmful malware which can affect your safety. They will enter your system and you will not even know it. Thus be careful with these as they are extremely harmful.


Installing an antivirus is the only solution for you to detect and eliminate this malware. And another thing which you can do is don’t download anything from the internet, but this is also not possible as you need to download stuff from the internet at some point. Thus a good antivirus is the only solution for you to defend against this malware.

Password Cracking

Hackers can retrieve your password through many methods of try and guess the right one. This is called brute force and trial and error method in which with the help of artificial intelligence there will be attempts to fill a password in hope that one of it will work.

What can you do?

The only solution to it is making a very strong password which will make the hacker keep guessing. Use numbers and signs for your password to make it stronger.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a shared network that enables you to use the internet in a public place. This is not a safe place to use any of your personal accounts or fill any personal information as it will lead to its leakage thus be careful and accordingly or avoid using public Wi-Fi in restaurants or hotels etc.


The number one advice would be to avoid public Wi-Fi but if there is no other option then it’s smart to use a VPN. Getting a VPN is easy now with everything whether pc or mobiles.

The following are only some threats that you can face online while playing online casino games. Be careful and you will for sure not face any trouble while playing online casino games. If you want to download the game mega888 then visit 918kiss and play safely online casino.

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What features are offered by the Mega888 game?

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