How Does Casino Bonus Work?

When you play xe88 for the first time then to entice new players they must have provided with bonuses. Bonuses are meant to make the new player used to the game and let them know that they can actually win and earn through 918kiss. Bonuses are a great way to learn properly the game if you are a new player and experiencing playing online casinos for the first time.

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What are online casinos?

Online casinos are casino services on the internet, which you can access from anywhere. They are easy to use and reliable way to try your luck and earn money; online casinos give the same excitement and upbeat which you experience in an actual casino. They are the best ways to experience the casino from your comfortable spot. Online casino websites like 918kiss are gaining popularity day by day and more and more people are getting connected to it.

There are many reasons behind the sudden surge of online casinos and the most important reason behind the success of online gambling is its portability. People want to play and gamble in comfort and what’s better than in their house and casino slot machine on their phones and laptops. Experience the casino at home with xe88 download only on 918kiss and feel the benefit of it.


How do casino bonuses work?

Bonuses are like offers that online casino websites put to attract new players to invest and play more and more. Also, they are also meant to make you understand the game more and better so if you are a new player you can understand how the game works and accordingly ready yourself for playing further with depositing money. The majority of online gambling sites nowadays provide types of bonuses that have a different purpose.

Types of bonuses provided by online casino

There are a few different ways that the casinos actually award the bonuses to players:

Play Only Bonus

In-play only bonus the money is kept at a separate account and even if you win anything you will not get anything until you full fill the requirements of the game. The bonus is only used as a wager, which means each time you bet the money comes from your balance. And if suppose you win then you cannot withdraw the money you won as you need to fulfill the necessary requirement. Thus read the terms and conditions properly before playing the xe88 slot. These are the most common bonuses which online casinos use.

Withdrawable Bonus

These are much rare type of bonus used by the online casino, the money you get and earn is shown in your account and you can withdraw it. So for example if you deposit 100$ and a casino offer 100 % then you would have the respected amount instantly in your account.

The catch is that you have to "clear" the bonus before you can withdraw the bonus money. You can always withdraw your deposit - just the bonus has to clear.

Free Play Bonus

This is another common type of bonus that is provided by online casinos. In this, you get free money even before you deposit anything or sign up for anything. But the condition mostly is that you have to wager the money fifty or more times before you withdraw anything. Some online casinos even not let you withdraw anything unless you deposit it later.

Things to keep in mind about bonuses

A few other things to keep in mind regarding casino bonuses:

Most bonuses have a time requirement for them. This means you need to clear them in a time bracket else they will be lost; the time bracket can be months and also years sometimes. Thus always make sure you are checking the time bracket of the bonus you got properly.

Some casinos only allow certain games to qualify for the clearing requirements thus check on that too. Visit Kiss918 for playing xe88 agent and experience the best online casino experience.

Are casino bonuses worth it?

Almost each and every visitor of online casino look for online bonuses and use them for earning more than they can or to get familiar with the game. Online casino bonuses are of huge benefit to the users and if they use it with proper planning. Casino bonuses are of huge benefit and if the player knows how to plan properly then they can utilize these bonuses in such a way that it can for sure benefit them in a big way.

Thus we can say that Yes, they are generally really good for online players. But you have to make sure that you know what you are getting into. To do that, you need to go to the terms and conditions. It will tell you what you are getting yourself into. Focus on the restrictions in terms of what you are allowed to win. Also, look at the requirements that will allow you to withdraw your payout. Make sure that you can get your winnings. If it all seems confusing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer support. That way, things will really be clear before you get the bonus.

Online casino games

Apart from the entertainment factor, what players look out for when choosing an online casino?


A user-friendly website is the first thing that people notice and want for them. Your online casino website should be well-made with the best graphics possible and accordingly so that people can trust your website. No one really trusts a shady-made website thus you should definitely work on your website graphic design and user-friendliness. Also, make mobile apps that are user-friendly and have easy user interference which can enable you to reach more and more people.

Customer Support

Good and responsive customer support can be a great way to gather the trust of the people and also improve your service. With a quick and better response to all the queries of your customers you can for sure gather people trust and they will more and more use your online casino services.


Most professional players would like special features in casinos. So, it’s also good for you as a newbie. Check for things like VIP programs and its benefits, cash prize offer, virtual reality gaming, live dealer casino games, and other special features that make the experience more worthwhile.

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